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Kaia Roman is a bestselling author, service-driven entrepreneur, intrepid biohacker, and film producer on a mission to increase joy in the world.

Kaia’s bestselling book, The Joy Plan – a practical guide to the neuroscience of joy – was featured on the TODAY Show as the inspiration for the hosts’ week-long “complaint cleanse.”

Kaia and her work have also been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Good Morning America, LA Times Magazine, Business Insider, and more.

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Psychedelic Industry Entrepreneur

Inspired by her personal healing experiences with psychedelic medicine, Kaia is merging 20 years of brand experience work in Silicon Valley (for clients such as Google, Twilio, and Doctor on Demand) with her neuroscience and mindfulness training to bring the profound healing capabilities of these medicines to as many people as possible.

She is a frequent presenter and moderator at wellness events, conferences, and corporate engagements – giving participants concrete tools they can use to transform their lives right away.



& Retreat Facilitator

Kaia is a sought-after mindfulness instructor, retreat leader, and psychedelic facilitator for some of the world’s most influential leaders. She taught mindfulness in an elementary school for five years, using the same techniques she uses for CEOs and celebrities.

Documentary Producer

Kaia is also an accomplished film producer. Her belief in the profound power of stories to heal and transform the world is the driving force behind her mission-driven films.

Lamar Odom Reborn

This film follows the life-changing transformation of basketball superstar/former Kardashian family member Lamar Odom as he explores cutting-edge (and ancient) treatments to heal PTSD, anxiety, and addiction.

Frequency: The Future of Everything

As the world faces seemingly insurmountable problems, new frequency-based technologies are emerging that will affect all major industries, from health to energy to food production. The problems are big, but the solutions are bigger.

Podcast Host

As the host of Psyched, a podcast by the Women in Psychedelics Network, Kaia interviews luminaries and leaders on the power and promise of psychedelic medicine.

Breaking stigmas, getting real, and dropping truth bombs, these mind snacks are designed to bring about awareness and inquiry into the multifaceted, multidimensional world of psychedelics.

Tune in for bite-sized conversations and share with your most skeptical friends and family members!

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Kaia’s bestselling book, The Joy Plan, is available in over 15 countries, in both English and Spanish, as an audiobook, e-book, and in print, wherever books are sold.


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